Since 1995 Street Dance XXL has been at the forefront of Street Dance in the UK producing innovative entertainment formats for commercial and corporate events and an ever growing world audience hungry for street dance.

Street Dance XXL has created is platform for street dancers to showcase their talent and ensure dancers are recognised.

XXL events have provided a launch pad for dance and music artists alike helping to spotlight groups into the public arena such as, Diversity, Flawless, Status and Twist & Pulse to name a few.

‘Street Dance XXL Championships’, was formerly known as the critically acclaimed Street Dance Weekend UK Championships. Street Dance XXL has taken street dance from an unknown dance format to a popular dance format recognised and enjoyed around the world.

In 2011 XXL was made into a 2 part series on C4 broadcasting its pioneering and creative ethos which has impacted not only young individuals to become superstars but also the entertainment industry by inspiring TV shows, various events and films including the number one box office hit movie- ‘Street Dance 3D’ providing street dance groups and true life experiences.

Street Dance XXL have attracted leading sponsors and brands such as Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Coke and Nike who have successfully used the XXL event to promote their products and blockbuster movies.

With ongoing support from it’s partners, Street Dance XXL continues to innovate street dance and is an effective marketing and advertising option for leading companies.

Our ethos, we believe that focus, discipline, commitment and integrity creates successful people. Our vision is for street dance to entertain the world and create active, talented and successful people. We will continue to innovate and showcase street dance to entertain and motivate individuals to live healthy, be active and be successful.